Minggu, 07 September 2008

Review : Air Hog Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

Have you ever seen a car climbing wall? I guess all of you answered "no".
But you must answered "yes" on this special R/C car.

Introducing Air Hog Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car, this amazing sure R/C will amazed Isaac Newton. It's not only able to run on flat floor, it also able to run on wall. This hobbit's car contain mini vacuum system powered with a fan to create suction power, makes the car able to run on the wall. It even able to run underside of table, only if the surface is smooth enough.

This R/C is 4,75" long and available in various colors. Powered by rechargeable batteries, but it can only run for 10 minutes in single charge. How's the price? It will cost you about $47 in Amazon.

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