Jumat, 22 Agustus 2008

Review : DC Direct Deluxe 13" Joker

Batman is legendary hero figure in pop culture, but Batman himself without evil enemy is incomplete. One of the famous evil character in Batman history is Joker, which has being played in more psychotic way by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight(2008). I think almost everyone already familiar with new psychotic Joker, but how about classic style Joker?

The Joker 13" deluxe by DC Direct is one finest action figures for classic style Joker. With the 13" size (little bit bigger than usual action figure), sure it have more detailed sculpting than other action figure. You can find out its detailed sculpting on its smiley face, and specially on its hands. Its clothes also well tailored, amazing to see how they made this good quality small clothes. Paint on its body also well done.

One big problem about this old style Joker is... on its price. DC direct set the price at amazing rate, $90, while most of internet toy retailer set its price on $75-$85! It seems that DC estimated the success of The Dark Knight and hoping that it would rise the price of this deluxe toy. Sorry, most of toy addict thinks that it's over priced. They still waiting until DC Direct knocked down its price. Will DC Direct give discount for this deluxe toy? Let's we asked that question to Joker.

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