Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Weird "Toy" Review : Exorcist Bed

How's your Halloween party? Fantastic? Or dumped?

Don't be mad if your party dumped. You still have another Halloween party next year, and you will have an amazing attraction for your buddies. Hey, the next Halloween party will be held 365 days more, so why should I prepare for it now?

Yes, because this amazing attraction will cost you $3,999. Gee, what attraction cost us for almost four thousands, and is it worth us?

Yes, if you're true horror movie geek. I guess every horror movie addict know how Linda Blair floats over her bed in "Exorcist". Everyone of us won't get possessed by demons, but "maybe" some of you want to know how it feels to floats on the air. So, there goes this product from Carnage, " The Exorcist Bed".

The Exorcist Bed is actually a solid steel 360 degree simulator chassis. Your actors can ride it or you may choose to add the levitator option which safely and comfortably floats an actor to a height of 5 feet up and down over the bed as it thrashes around. Unit includes solid steel chassis and bed frame, walnut stained four poster bed, pneumatic package, and foot pad. You should have some pneumatic and electric systems knowledge to operate this bed. Maybe you can ask for some supervision from your local magician.

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